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अभ्यंकर कुलवृतांतचे नूतनीकरण व अद्ययावत करण्यासाठी भरावयाचा फार्म

Welcome to the website of ABHYANKARS - a community which has adopted Abhyankar as its family name. Typically used as a LAST NAME by each member. You may find more about Abhyankars in the link provided as ORIGIN. Aim of this website is to make available the information about the Roots of Abhyankar Parivar to the members.

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Why This Website ? About Kuldaiwat e - Abhyang Magazine

This Websites is meant to bring members of Abhyankar together. To develop a feeling of oneness among them. To ensure growth by mutual cooperation. To provide Knowledge of Historical background.

The Kuldaiwat of Abhyankar parivar are Vyadeshwar at Guhagar (Ratanagiri) and Yogeshwari at Ambejogai (Marathwada)

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Objective President Note

The objective of the website is to provide a common, globally accessible platform for Abhyankars around the world for knowing more about their namesakes, about their culture, traditions and customs. This site will be tremendously helpful to other families who intend to have community website.

On behalf of working committee I Greet All the Members of Abhyankar Parivar  worldwide, on the occasion of launching HOME PAGE on website on this auspicious day of 'AKSHAYA TRITIYA', April 30, 2006.

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Inauguration of eAbhyang By Dr. Sampda Abhyankar


This site doesn't promote nor propagate the supremacy of any community, caste, creed, religion, or race. Nor any kind of segregation based on color or nationality. In fact, it aims to provide an equal opportunity and foster the idea of networking to progress among people. It should be viewed in the spirit of globalization, where one can reach to an absolutely fabulous store of information and a chance of networking.

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